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Evolution of the Virtual Tour in Real Estate

Evolution of the Virtual Tour in Real EstateIn the early 90’s, home buyers started heading out in a new direction to look for homes. It was this thing called the internet. It provided information, or at least held that promise, convenience and most important of all – it provided anonymity! (more…)

UK Property Market, Where Next?

UK Property Market, Where Next?The UK economy is fundamentally entwined with its financial and property market. Revolving like the proverbial cyclical wheel of fortune, always hitting high peaks of growth and downturns in equal measures.

It wasn’t long ago that the UK media houses decided it was time (more…)

Living in the Suburbs Can Be Great

Living in the Suburbs Can Be GreatFor some people, living in the country is the absolute best thing in the world. They get to be out in nature, they don’t have any neighbors (or at least any close ones) that can bug them, and they don’t have many people hassling them or getting in their business. For these (more…)

The Party Wall Agreement Isn’t All Fun and Games

The Party Wall Agreement Isn't All Fun and GamesBefore jumping into the purchase of a duplex, there are some legal issues that you’ll want to consider. Many are unaware that duplex living is akin to living in a condo, and there are certain agreements that should jointly agreed upon, and on paper, before you sign the dotted (more…)

5 Deadly Trade Up Mistakes

5 Deadly Trade Up MistakesSo you’re thinking of trading up. This time when you buy there is a new wrinkle. It’s not like the last time when you didn’t already own a home, this time you already own a home. Not only are there additional considerations for financing your next home, there is the timing issue. Would (more…)