Time to Expand American Real Estate

Time to Expand American Real EstateThere often comes a time when a civilization must expand and get some breathing room. Presently, the United States needs to expand its borders. Why? Well, some of our neighbors have not made the best use of their land and the US needs to expand.

Recently, the Online Think Tank looked at this issue and came up with a nice sort of new and improved borderlines. For instance, I would like to secure all Canadian Provinces West of Ottawa and make them US Territories. You see we need an easement to our property up there in Alaska to make it easy for all Americans to go there.

Some might debate this, and yet our Think Tank looked at all the angles and indeed Everyone, will be better served by this plan. Besides Canada, has some great resources too. Just think we will be in the same country, most of our Canadian Friends.

Next, the Online Think Tank decided we I want to draw a line from Brownsville, TX across to the Sea of Cortez to claim the largest possible chunk of Mexico. Mexico politically and governmental wise is often considered corrupt so we will be helping the people there, plus decrease illegal aliens coming to America.

Additionally, Canada is becoming too Socialistic and will not be able to support themselves with all the decreased productivity that socialism brings. Thus, they will not be able to manage that large expanse of country, so we will be helping them too. I really just like to help people. So get your tractors ready! Start your engines. We have some more land and civilization to re-build. Sincerely, Lance.


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