List Your Condo With A MLS Company and Save Money

List Your Condo With A MLS Company and Save MoneyIf you have a property you want to sell, then you know the value of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). These days, profit margins are very low, and it can be very hard to sell a property you have. Getting a listing on that vital MLS and without expensive fees or a signed broker agreement, can mean the difference between some profit, no profit, or selling at a loss. If you’re able to list on the MLS, it’s great if you can find a company to come out and take professional photos of your house and yard, as well sticking a good-looking sign into the ground out front! Doing all of this on our own is a hard task indeed. There’s additional exposure if you get an audio ad with a toll-free number. Potential customers driving by can tune their radio to a certain channel and listen to a description of the house they are looking at, before deciding to explore further.

If you’re living in Connecticut, as with any other state, you need a listing service to cover the entire state. That way, there’s maximum exposure. Most realtors charge a customer 6% to list the house and put it onto the MLS, and promote it however their company is set up. This can actually mean advertising it a lot, or very little. The MLS sends all this listing data to many websites through feeds on various real estate portals. The MLS is probably the most powerful tool to get the word out about your property, whether commercial or residential.

A few great reasons to use a MLS listing company’s services are:

Much greater exposure at less expense. Sell your condo fast An experienced person will guide you along It takes the pressure off you Professional looking advertising, not some hand drawn sign You are more in control of the outcome It’s cheaper! Won’t stick you with two mortgages because your condo isn’t selling Oh — did we mention — it’s cheaper!

If your condo is listed on MLS, a good company will also put it onto major websites so that people searching for information on properties for sale, will be able to locate it easily. This additional advertising works very well. There are usually a couple or so types of services that the company will offer, and they do vary in price. Look at your budget, and get the best one you can afford if possible. This may be wider and longer exposure and the better that your information gets out there to the buying public, the quicker you will sell your condo.


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